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Every company has its own end-to-end network to link its people and process. The complexity of IT service is changing to ensure the corporate competitiveness in the market. The solution of ERP (enterprise resource planning) can inprove the corporate performance via system-operation integration. Every company has three challenges, they are Costs, Process and Role/Responsibility. So, every company needs a professional partner with experiences in system delivery, customizing and development, to realize the business value.

Meets Your Requirements

[Torchwell] has deep and wide understanding in business processes, and have structured & value based NSV value chain and also methodology. We can create value via our value-based IT consulting service. We can provided an integrated mothod to meet your business object with business strategy and technology. We can ensure the success via our experience in system delivery, maintenance and enhancement. Till now, We have already implemented big and cross-platform projects in various industries like Government, Enducation and Manufacturing etc.

You will get an end-to-end solution to meet your business requirement under the collaboration between [Torchwell] and our best platform/solution/technical partners.

[Torchwell] has rich experience and knowledge to provide ERP/MES service to local cusotmers. We provide a total package with suitable services, tools and professionals to deliver an integrated information system, to meet your cost controlling objects. We provide 'Total Solution' to each of our customers,  based on our ERP/MES implementation/upgrade/maintenance and support experience, [Torchwell] will be your preferred service provider.

We have experts and Consultants in below areas:

Business Consulting
Technical consulting service for Functional/Application program solution, Human Capital Management and Supply Chain Management
ERP/MES consulting service
Project Management
Smart supply Chain consulting Service
And also provide products and services related with ERP/MES implementation, such as: IT service, Change Management and Business Process Assessment

Our ERP/MES service life-cycle support including:

Business Requirement capture and GAP analysis
System configuration and implementation
System screen development and integration
System migration and upgrade
Back office support service
Customer training and technical support
Outsourcing Service

logistics MIS

 1. Introduction 

Logistical Data Acquisition and Tracking Management Information System which developed by [Torchwell] integrates advanced computer networking technology, database technology and automatical indentification technology (like bar-code). The system also integrates the experience on enterprise logistic and production, makes it can be used for product mancturing process. 
The system uses the concept of information integration, relys on automatical indetification technology such as bar-code and RF card, under the circumstances of network and DB, makes the product production and all the information collection units to be a whole group. The purposes of the system are: smooth logistics, control efficiency, data integrity, process in time and information sharing. The production information is with the characteritics of integrity, accuracy and real-time. 
Logistical Data Acquisition and Tracking Management Information System can make the production process monitored real-time and also a new management method via integrated with information technology & network technology. This system will improve the management and decision-making to be more accuracy, and makes for profit to the company.

2. System Usage 

Logistical Data Acquisition and Tracking Management Information System can be used in Machinery industry (such as: automobile, motorcycle, engine, robot, etc) and Electrical assembly industry (such as: refrigerator, washing machine, TV, air-condition, computer, meter, etc). In production house, product manufacturing documents will be created for each WIP, based on the documents, we can manage the assembly process, quality inspection, inbound and outbound, after-sales services and also the employee management.

3. Customer Benefit Analysis 
(1)The stock and WIP can reduce 20-30%. 
(2)Due to stable production, can improve labour productivity 10-20%. 
(3)Inventory Management efficiency can improve 6X. 
(4)Production statistical efficiency can improve 4-6X. 
(5)The investment for Data Capture system can normally be get back in 1-2 years.

4. Product Delivery Method 
We provide services to customers via System Integrated Method which including Hardware, Software, Onsite Implementation and training, etc.

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