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Shanghai Torchwell Automation Technology Co., Ltd. (Torchwell) is a comprehensive solution provider focused on intelligent manufacturing and smart supply chain, the company provides products mainly include equipment automation transformation, digital factory solutions, intelligent supply chain collaborative solutions.
Torchwell integrates the world's leading brands Omron, Panasonic, Siemens, ABB, Mitsubishi Electric, SAP, etc., adhering to the "Needs, Service, Value" concept, independent research and development and innovation, the international well-known brands of product technology and automation, information application technology into one solution, for chip design and manufacturing, home appliances, automotive, food, medical and health and other manufacturers to provide professional intelligent manufacturing and intelligent supply chain integrated solutions, Our advantage lies in the integration of OT and IT technology and bottlenecks, breaking down the thinking barriers between OT and IT, we can provide the most cost-effective solutions in all relevant fields.

Torchwell - [Needs.Service.Value.]

We carefully listen to customer needs, provide professional services, create more value for you.

Quality Assurance

Torchwell has been assessed by GIC and complying with ISO9001:2008 for the activities of Design, sales and assembly service of Non-standard automation equipment.

Our Capacity

Nationwide project cycle service support network.
Business Development Headquarters in Shanghai.
Located in Shanghai, the Great Health and Food Industry Business Development Center.
Located in Yantai's Northern District Business Development Center.
Delivery Service Center and Product Research and Development Center in Shanghai.
Service and support throughout the whole country.


Business Area

[Torchwell] has 10+years experience in the R&D of MES/IOT and Data Collection System, with very rich experience in industrial information consulting and automation equipment renovation. Our services and products mainly include:

  1. Lean production and automation renovation: equipment automation retrofitting;
  2. Data Collection System and Service: real time data collection(PLC/CNC/Robots/AGV/Automation equipments and etc.),AI (Behavior Recognition and Algorithms,Predictive Maintenance of Equipment);
  3. Manufacture information managment consulting: ERP/MES,Data Collection System, Kanban system,Smart Manufacturing Solutions and etc.
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